A Lot Can Be Accomplished in 10 Hours…

Sample Real Estate Support Services Packages of Real Estate VA Services:

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant for 10 hours per month can accomplish so much. Below are some real life examples of what can be accomplished for my real estate virtual assistant clients within 10 hours per month.

Example #1:

  • Update blog weekly
  • Update print version of office inventory weekly
  • Update listings on website weekly
  • Update contacts in database and send out newsletter monthly
    (This stuff has to be done and the value of having it done well by a virtual assistant specializing in real estate support services, as opposed to by an entry level in office assistant who just wants to collect her weekly paycheck is astonishing.)

Example #2:

  • Prepare listing presentations
  • Research and contact the expired listings in your target area
  • Research and contact the FSBOs in your target area
  • Send greeting cards to your sphere of influence
    (Just one contract obtained from either of these methods could more than pay for our fees for about 2 years!)

Example #3: (we call this our Web 2.0 package)

  • Focuses all our time on marketing your site on the web…everything from search engine optimization, blogging, improving website content for search engine performance, writing press releases and submitting them, submitting your site to various real estate directories, constantly keeping website and content fresh and new to improve your rankings and bring you new traffic.
    (Don’t get left behind…who’s the agent in your office or neighborhood who seems to be the “charmed one”? You can bet that whomever they are…they are paying attention to all things internet! On average, 93% of all home buyers use the Internet, according to a NAR profile from 2019 [pg. 50]…)

Those are just a few samples of how The 10 Hour VA can improve your overall business performance and free you up to sell real estate! Below is a complete list of services that we offer…your 10 Hour VA package can be as customized as you like, according to your needs. We do offer higher retainer packages containing more hours; however, we feel that the value that can be brought to your business just by partnering with us for 10 hours is a great way to start.