“I’ve rarely written any testimonials but felt compelled to express my gratitude to Christine for assisting me with my business web design, maintenance marketing and general consulting. I’m not  the easiest person to work with so if she can please me she can please anybody, she’s truly amazing when it comes to timeliness and responding to your requests, there’s no waiting around half the day for a response. I truly appreciated that. She’s very precise and you immediately notice her computer like mind although she’s a great blend of engineer an artist.

It’s amazing to watch as she comes up with ideas on her creative side and has the skill to implement them on the computer/engineer side. She’s one of the rare people that gives that extra 1% that makes all the difference in the world, I find her  quick of mind, witty and passionate about what she does. She is an asset to my company and would be to any company that uses her.”