Why A Fractional COO?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur who needs to grow from being a one-person show but don’t have the financial health yet to justify a full time Operations Manager / COO. Perhaps you have entry level staff to do much of the leg work but no one and no time to manage them and the projects / production of the company. Maybe you just want to be a 100% virtual / remote company and form your company around that mindset…

What is a fractional COO?

A fractional COO is exactly what it sounds like – it is a key operations-focused business professional who is utilized on a part-time basis; therefore, costing your organization a fraction of what a full time Chief Operating Officer would cost. This person is also an outsourced professional who has their own business, so your company saves on overhead, employment taxes, benefits, etc… Your Fractional COO will provide critical, part-time and/or temporary leadership assisting your company to reach its goals in an affordable manner.

How can a Fractional COO help your business?

Having your own “COO on Demand” or “Fractional COO” can be so powerful for your business’s growth, stability and success. For example:

  • Review and update your systems and procedures to see what your company has outgrown or are cost prohibitive and find better options.
  • Your organization is at a crossroads and you need a strategic executive coach to help chart and navigate your path to success.
  • Review business operations, consider EOS and Traction methodological improvements.
  • Identify and implement the right technology solutions.
  • Develop and implement your branding and culture across your company.
  • Critical documentation development and integration: Business plan, Policies & Procedures, IT Implementation plans, etc…
  • Setup your accounting / administrative systems so that they will be simple and can grow with your business.
  • You have multiple department or teams that seem autonomous and are not coming together cohesively to focus on the company growth picture as a whole – a Fractional COO can address and implement a plan to correct this problem.
  • You have a specific project that needs to be completed; however, your current team may not have the bandwidth or time to complete this project – a Fractional COO can step in to facilitate satisfactory completion of this critical project.
  • Recruit and groom your staff for success.

To be effective working at this C-level capacity with your company, a minimum of 10 hours per week are required. This will be billed as a prepaid monthly retainer of 40 hours / month at $1600.00/month. I look forward to working directly with you, please sign up now below.


Estimated 40 Hours / month at $1600.00